Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yummy Chocolate Chunks!!

I just made the yummiest chocolate chips/chunks ever! 

Maybe not ever, but they are really good. 

You can find the recipe here  I used coconut oil and honey.

As, I was breaking apart the frozen chocolate I thought this is just like breaking apart a Hershey bar.  So you could even call this a chocolate bar.  Throw so almonds in and my taste buds are HAPPY!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Month of Birthdays

We have recently concluded a month of birthday celebrations.  Well, actually it was just over three weeks, but who is really counting.
Jeffrey's birthday is the end of August, Jackson's is two weeks later and mine is two weeks after his.  Now to celebrate the boys birthdays we do several things: they pick breakfast, they pick dinner (usually eating out) and then a party.

 Jeffrey's birthday breakfast was French toast and fruit.
 He choose to go out to Gringo's for dinner and was super excited about the sugar taco bowl filled with ice cream!  Jeffrey also choose peanut butter Oreos to have at home.  Jackson doesn't like peanut butter so we also bought the mint Oreos.  So many cookie! 

 The boy's birthday party was a football themed pool party.  Snacks included cheese puffs, goldfish, grapes and raisins.  The cake turned out super yummy!

 Jackson choose Toad in a Hole (fried egg in toast--makes me think of Granny Harmon), bacon and fruit for his birthday breakfast.
Jackson also choose to eat out at Gringo's for his birthday dinner.  We came home for dessert of brownies, blue bell homemade vanilla, whipped cream, homemade chocolate fudge sauce and sprinkles.  It was sooo good!
Now, for my birthday Mama came and took me to lunch at Cheddar's, we had dinner with friends at Chuy's on my actually birthday, we went out to Salt Grass as a family to celebrate, and a friend took me to lunch at Jason's deli.  The birthday treat I made myself was homemade mounds candy and fudge bombs!
So the last month (3 1/2 weeks) have been super yummy, but not good on my tummy.  Also, in this time period we had a pool and pizza party for our 9th grade Sunday School class and I have gone out to eat with ladies from BSF.  For a family that doesn't eat out a lot we sure have lately.  O, and I forgot to mention all the coke I have been drinking :(
I must get back to healthy eating.  So this week I cut out coke and have only had two to three gluten meals and all other meals have been "clean".   Next week I plan to be completely gluten free and the following week I will cut out all refined sugar.  It will not be easy, but my tummy will thank me!  And then it will be Halloween and I will tell myself not to eat the boys candy, but I will when they go to bed just like you do.  Don't say you don't because I know I'm not the only one!
Go here for the mounds candy recipe  I did not use medjool dates.  HEB only had sunmaid so that is what I bought.  For the chocolate chips I used Hershey dark chocolate chips.  These were a big hit with the whole family next time I will double the recipe.

Go here for the fudge bomb recipe  I did not use pecans and I used Hershey dark chocolate cocoa powder.  These weren't as good as the mounds, but the boys loved eating bombs!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tears Again!

Jamie's due date was Aug. 26th three years ago.  This year it was the 1st day of school and Jeffrey started Kinder.  So, I mentally noted the day, but was busy and preoccupied.  Throughout last week I thought of Jamie some, but not much.  Then yesterday it hit me so hard and I am struggling and don't understand why.  Then just moments ago I came across this blog post (thank you Lord!) and feel a little better.  Maybe you need to read this are know someone it may help