Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cooking Camp

Several weeks ago while Jackson attended a day camp Jeffrey and I had cooking camp at home.  Jeffrey choose what to make and Monday morning after dropping Jackson off we headed to HEB.  Once home the cooking began.  The first day was meet with much excitement from Jeffrey.  As the week progressed Jeffrey just wanted me to cook and him to eat :)  Through out the week we made turkey dog nachos, egg and bacon stuffed chicken breast, stuffed banana peppers wrapped in bacon, bacon mac n cheese, and onion rings.  This boy loves his bacon!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Enchanted Rock

Last month Josh and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!  We spent the weekend in Fredericksburg while the boys were at Grammie and Granddad's.  One morning we hiked at Enchanted Rock.
 Josh resting on a "rock" chair.
 Two huge rocks on one really huge enchanted rock.  You will see these again.
 Looking down!
 Can't believe we found this up there!
 Remember the two huge rocks...here there are up close.

 View from the top.
View from the top.
As we were hiking along Josh says I know the Bible says to take the narrow path, but we are not taking that one (he points to a very little path).  Now, we were already on a narrow path so I said I think this one is good.  We continue on and I ponder taking the narrow path Jesus talks about in the Bible.  Weeks later I still come back to this.  I think we as Christians sometimes make the path more narrow than it has to be.  We make a list of rule and forget about love.  Now I'm not saying to throw out all the rules, but let remember love and mercy and grace along the way.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One warm August evening I jog along taking in my surroundings. 

Ok, wait!  Who am I kidding, it is August in Houston it is HOT!  But doesn't the first sentence bring to mind a pleasant peaceful scene?  Don't we do that especial with social media. . . word things so they are pleasant.  There are nice peaceful moments in my life and I have deep joy and peace in my heart given to me by God.  However, I live in a hot, loud, smelly boy house:)  Anyways back to my jog...

I smell fresh cut grass, feel the mist from a near by sprinkler and enjoy the music of some kind of insect that reminds me of summers in Iola.  I see one lone bird flying, wings flapping hard and then he soars.  As, I come to a gravel path I hear the crunch when my shoes hit and enjoy the sound.  This is a peaceful time for me all alone.

Then I think I'm all alone.  Where are the other joggers, walkers and bikers.  Guess they just aren't as tough as me!  No, just smarter waiting till the sun drops a little more in the sky. 

Jogging down the path alone I think of the bird flying alone and wonder do others feel alone like I do sometimes?  Are you the lone bird flapping and flapping or the lone jogger running and running?    I get so caught up in whatever I am doing that I miss the people around me when they are right there.  I miss God in my rush. 

Jogging I really listen and I hear cars, people a distance off in the park playing Frisbee golf, a biker's tires on gravel.  I am not alone!  When we stop the rush and turn our focus we realize we are not alone. 

So this warm hot August evening I am reminded to slow down and enjoy those around me.


"For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."  Romans 15:4

As, I read these words this morning they stopped me.  So I read again slower, thinking. 

The scripture, God's Word, is for me to read and learn.  Learn what?  HOPE!

Jesus Christ is The Word (John 1).  So through the patience and comfort of Christ we learn hope!

Christ , The Word, came to earth to give us hope!  CHRIST = HOPE!

That sounds great, right?  But what to do with it?  How do I live it out?

Instead of trying to gain fulfillment through crossing off my to do list, serving in every area, doing the "right" things and not doing the "wrong" things, having the "perfect" family, home, etc. I gain fulfillment through Christ.  Looking for Christ's love and grace in everyday, filling my heart and mind with His Words gives me hope and fulfillment.