Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One warm August evening I jog along taking in my surroundings. 

Ok, wait!  Who am I kidding, it is August in Houston it is HOT!  But doesn't the first sentence bring to mind a pleasant peaceful scene?  Don't we do that especial with social media. . . word things so they are pleasant.  There are nice peaceful moments in my life and I have deep joy and peace in my heart given to me by God.  However, I live in a hot, loud, smelly boy house:)  Anyways back to my jog...

I smell fresh cut grass, feel the mist from a near by sprinkler and enjoy the music of some kind of insect that reminds me of summers in Iola.  I see one lone bird flying, wings flapping hard and then he soars.  As, I come to a gravel path I hear the crunch when my shoes hit and enjoy the sound.  This is a peaceful time for me all alone.

Then I think I'm all alone.  Where are the other joggers, walkers and bikers.  Guess they just aren't as tough as me!  No, just smarter waiting till the sun drops a little more in the sky. 

Jogging down the path alone I think of the bird flying alone and wonder do others feel alone like I do sometimes?  Are you the lone bird flapping and flapping or the lone jogger running and running?    I get so caught up in whatever I am doing that I miss the people around me when they are right there.  I miss God in my rush. 

Jogging I really listen and I hear cars, people a distance off in the park playing Frisbee golf, a biker's tires on gravel.  I am not alone!  When we stop the rush and turn our focus we realize we are not alone. 

So this warm hot August evening I am reminded to slow down and enjoy those around me.

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