Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A full life

Sunday night in my sadness I turned to God's Word.  I opened up my Bible and this is what I read.

"After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations.  So Job died, old and full of days."                                     Job 42:16-17

Thank you Lord, that Granddaddy lived a full life and saw his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren often. 


I attended to post this before Lent began, but life has a way of changing our plans. 

This year I wanted to include the boys (6yrs & 4yrs.) more in our observance of Lent.  I searched other blogs and liked what another mom is doing with her young children. 

Each day of Lent we are praying, fasting, and giving.  I made a spreadsheet of all the days of Lent and what we do each day.  Each day we pray for something or someone different.  For example on Sunday we prayed for parents, Monday grandparents, Tuesday aunts and uncles, etc.  Since fasting from one thing would be difficult for young children the boys are fasting from something different each day.  For example on Sunday no radio or Cd's, Monday a favorite toy, Tuesday complaining, etc.  Then for our giving we have an old jelly jar that we put coins in each day.  The number of coins is determined by a item count.  For example on Sunday the boys counted how many doors are in the house, Monday was windows, Tuesday was chairs, etc. 

This has been a great way to talk about what Lent is and why we observe it before Easter.  When Jeffrey wanted to play with his red playground ball on Monday we were able to talk about scarifies and all Jesus has done for us. 

I would love to know what you and your family do during the Lent Season.

Silent Night

Granddaddy past away this past Sunday afternoon (Feb. 26, 2012).  I have had problems posting so I haven't been able to keep y'all updated.  The short version is that he just couldn't recover from the heart surgery.

Granddaddy is now in heaven pain free and playing with Jamie ( go back to the first posts to learn about Jamie) as he sings praises to God.

A lot of the family was together Sunday evening and I learned that one of Granddaddy's favorite songs is Silent Night.  For the past four years we have sang Silent Night at bedtime.  It is also Jackson's favorite song.  Last night I told Jackson that his favorite song was also Granddaddy's.  Jackson said, "that will help me remember him."  Jeffrey then told us that his favorite song was Who let the dogs out and if Spaze (our dog) ever died the song would help him remember Spaze.  Jeffrey has a way of always making us laugh no matter how sad we are at the time.

Please keep our family in your prayers and for all who will be traveling to the services on Friday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

No Poo Hair Cleansing

I have not shampooed my hair at all this year!! 

Yes, you read that right.  New Year's Eve 2011 I decided why not try the no "poo" hair cleansing method starting Jan. 1, 2012. 

Instead of shampoo I use 1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda mixed with ~8oz of water.  Instead of conditioner I use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with ~8oz of water.  You can google this and find many different ways of doing this.  What I do is put the baking soda and lemon juice into two separate coffee mugs and head to the shower.  I fill the baking soda mug up with water and pour over my head making sure to get around my hair line.  I then let it sit as I wash my body.  Then using my fingertips I scrub my head and rinse.  Next, I fill the lemon juice mug up with water and pour on the ends of my hair.  Do not pour on top of your head it will cause oily hair.  I let the lemon juice do its work as I let the hot water run over me.  I love HOT showers!  Rinse and your done. 

Now, if you choose to try this method know that you will have some very bad hair days as your hair adjust.  Store bought shampoos strip the natural oils from you hair causing your hair to produce more oil, thus causing you to feel the need to shampoo more often.  It is an endless cycle.  The baking soda doesn't strip your hair's oil it just cleanses.  The second week was my worst week.  So, I just wore a pony tail or braid.  Some people use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for conditioning.  I tried both and the vinegars left my hair dry.  Lemon juice works best for me.  Your hair type of water type will determine what and how much you use. 

Why no "poo?"  Have you read the ingredients on your shampoo bottle?  I tried and couldn't.  Our skin is our biggest organ, which has many pores.  I don't like the ideal of putting unknown ingredients on or in my body.  Maybe you are a scientist and know what those ingredients are and feel fine about using them.  Great, but I will stick with baking soda and lemon juice. 

Overflowing Blessing

The Resolution for Women

Part I: Surprisingly Satisfied
Overflowing Blessing

When you consider your level of willingness to give of yourself, does it reveal more contentment or discontentment residing in your heart?  In what way?
My heart reveals more contentment because I do give of myself daily.  Am I always happy about it?  No, but I understand and believe that true contentment comes from a life of service.

Based on God's provisions that you listed at the end of the last chapter, what is one thing you could close this book and go do for someone else out of that resource?
I can babysit for others.  I can organize or scrapbook photos for others (Momma, I am working on yours:)).

Record your thoughts regarding this statement: "Sometimes the best, most empowering word you can learn to utter is no."
In our fast pace, be involved in everything world it is hard to say no.  And I think women have an extra hard time saying no compared to men.  This reminds me of a passage in Psalm.  It says something like those who labor without the Lord labor in vain.  God is not calling us to be supermoms and wives doing it all.  He calls us to love and give of ourselves while remembering what is important: our relationship with Christ and our families. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Secret

The Resolution for Women

Part I: This is who I am
Surprisingly Satisfied
The Secret (pg. 17-22)

A woman of contentment is aware of her needs and what God has already supplied to meet them.  Begin your journey to contentment by making a list.  Label one side "My Needs."  Label the other "God's Provision." Then match up your needs with the way God is currently meeting them.  Place your list in a handy place for the times you are tempted to lean toward dissatisfaction.
My Needs                                                  God's Provision
love                                                            family/friends
food, clothes & shelter                                Josh's job
purpose                                                      wife, mom, volunteer
physical activity                                           time, equipment, local trails
alone time                                                   supportive husband
dates with hubby                                         grandparents close
hobbies: reading, scrap booking, cooking      money and time

What might God be trying to grow in your character or cement in your relationship with Him by keeping you separated from some of the things you want but don't yet have?
There are three big things that I want.  I am not ready to share that them with the world.  I believe God is trying to teach me His perfect timing.

Granddaddy Update

Grandaddy's bypass surgery went well.  He was having lots of bleeding from the heart drainage tubes. However, as of yesterday the bleeding had stopped.  They did give him 2 units of blood to replace what he lost.  He should have been taken off the balloon pump and ventilator today, but I haven't heard.  Please keep praying for a full recovery.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeffrey came yesterday (sunday) about 1:30pm.  He is doing just fine.

My Granddaddy (father's dad) who is 81 is having open heart surgery in the morning at 7am and the doctor said there is a good change he want make it.  So, please pray!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Night

Jeffrey had a good night.  He slept for about 9 hours straight through breathing treatments and all.  He did just fine having treatments every 4 hours.  Jeffrey did vomit once in the night, but a lot of mucus came up so that is good.  At 5am his O2 state was 98 and his heart rate was 102--all very good.  So now we wait to see the doctor and hopefully go home today.  Thanks for all your prayers--God hears us!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jeffrey Update

O2 stat and heart rate are staying about the same.  We are going to try and go 4 hrs. between breathing treatments tonight.  Pray it goes well.  If Jeffrey can get to 4 hrs. we can go home and do breathing treatments. 

As, we were reading books earlier tonight I read the word peaceful.  Jeffrey asked what peaceful meant.  I told him and he started to cry and said it was not peaceful here and he wanted to go home.  Pray that Jeffrey will feel God's peace tonight and sleep well.  The poor little guy is so tired.  He is sleeping now, but they will be in at 11pm for the next breathing treatment.

Also, pray for Jackson.  It is hard on him to not have mommy at home and having so much attention focused on Jeffrey. 

Jeffrey's Hospital Stay

Friday morning about 3:30am Jeffrey woke up with breathing difficulty.  He was wheezing and coughing up mucus.  Josh and Jeffrey sit in a steam shower and it help a little bit.  We debated about going to the ER, but choose not to after Jeffrey fell back to sleep.  Jeffrey and I were up and down a lot that morning and I don't think I slept much because I was just watching Jeffrey breath.  Later Josh heads to work, Jackson to school and Jeffrey and I to the doctor.  When we were called  back to the room the nurse took one look at Jeffrey and said just a minute.  He walked out of the room across the hall and got Dr. M from another room.  It was all hurried and a little scary.  Jeffrey was started on a breathing treatment and given steroids.  Dr. M said they were trying to stabilizes him so I could take him to the ER by personal vehicle instead of ambulance.  After two breathing treatments Jeffrey's O2 stat was about 94 so we headed to the ER.  Once at the ER Jeffrey had two more breathing treatments, Tylenol and Motrin for his 101 fever, O2, and a chest x-ray.  The x-ray showed clear lungs--YEAH!  But we would still be staying the night.  Jeffrey had bronchialitis.  By late afternoon Jeffrey was doing so much better.  We had a friend bring him a special treat--a corn dog, Tatar tots and a slush.  He was playing and talking.  When we finally got up to a room Jeffrey was switched to a puffer.  Into the night though his breathing became more labored and he was switched back to breathing treatments at two hour intervals.  At some point during the night Jeffrey pulled out his nasal O2 tube and did fine-YEAH!  Currently, Jeffrey is having breath treatments every three hours.  We have to get to every four to go home--mostly likely tomorrow.  Dr. G believes he has asthma, but Dr. M, our reg. doctor, will have to determine that in a couple of weeks. 

Please pray!  Excuse the typos and such I haven't slept much since Thursday night.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Every Bit Counts

The dicussion begans.  If you are reading The Resolution for Women along with me great if not please read through the questions and join in the discussion anyway.

The Resolution for Women

Part I: This is who I am.

Surprisingly Satisfied—A resolution to be content

Every Bit Counts

Carefully consider what the Bible says about contentment.

1 Timothy 6:6-10

If you go back and read the first of chapter 6 Paul is saying to stay away from those who argue, who envy, have corrupt minds and view godliness as a mean for personal gain. Then in vs. 6 he says, “now godliness with contentment is great gain” (NKJV). So, what can one gain? First let’s define contentment. Webster online says contentment is “the quality or state of being contented.” Webster says contented is “feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation.” I do not think I feel satisfaction with my current situation. I know what I have going for me is great, but I am always thinking about how things would be better if _____ was different. If I was content I would gain a thankful heart, the ability to receive more from this time in my life and the mind set to give of myself more. Verse 8 goes on to say we should be content when our basic needs are meet. I don’t know about you, but I want more than food, water and shelter. I desire purpose. I don’t think the desire or need for more is wrong. I think the question we have to ask ourselves is why do I want _______. Is it for personal gain and glory or to reach others for Christ. Verse 7, 9, & 10 talk about “stuff” and money. I don’t struggle with wanting the newest and best of things, but I do catch myself thinking if we had more $$ we could do more for others. However, I know God has blessed our family with a lot and I have plenty of resources, time and talents to give---I may just need to get a little creative.

Hebrew 13:5

This verse reminds me of what I say to the boys all the time, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” I need to say that to myself.

What have you been hurrying through?

I feel like we are always in a hurry. It would help if I actually got out of bed when my alarm goes off. But that’s not the hurrying we are talking about here. I hurry through the boys’ bedtime routine. I hurry through prayers and singing so they can get them to sleep and I can do whatever it is I feel is so important, but in reality the boys’ bedtime routine should be top on my list. The nights I’m not in a hurry have been great--snuggles from Jeffrey and deep talks (for a six year old) with Jackson.

What have you been hurrying to get to?

This is odd to me, but I feel like I am in a hurry to get through this season of life where the boys are so depended on me. The days are long when all you hear is Mommy I need, Mommy I want, Mommy help me, Mommy he did ____, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. The odd part is that I desire to have more children which would keep me in this season longer.

What are some of the good parts of your experience that you’ve missed in your attempt to rush through the more difficult ones?

I know I have missed out on good things because of my hurrying, but I can’t recall what it was or maybe I haven’t realized what I missed yet.

What can you do differently today to “scrape the plate”---to gather up all the good things around you and begin enjoying the journey of your life?

Well, since I read this last night and am doing the questions tonight I can tell you what I did earlier today. I flew kites with Jeffrey and one of his friends. Now I play with the boys and their friends all the time, but in my head I usually can’t wait for the game or activity to be over. Because let’s be honest 4 yr. olds games can be mind numbing. Today, however, I chose to see the joy in Jeffrey’s excitement as he got his kite high in the air. I chose to be thankful for the sunshiny day, the wind and the time to fly kites.

The Resolution for Women

Last month our Sunday School class got together and watched the movie Courageous.  If you haven't seen it rent it from redbox it is very good.  I was either laughing or crying the whole time.  The movie is about a group of men, husbands and fathers, that decide to make a resolution to live by God's Word. 

Yesterday, Jeffrey and I were at the library and I just happen to look at the new arrivals and saw The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer.  So, I checked it out and began reading it last night. 

This morning as I was on my run a thought pops in my head about having a book discussion group about this book.  I then began to think about when would be a good time to start something like that and I had many reason to say not now.  Then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I recalled what I had just read from the book last night.  Be content in the season of life you are currently in, live in this season and stop focusing on the next. 

Thus, I am going to be reading The Resolution for Women and posting my thoughts and answers to the discussion questions.  I encourage you to join me in this book study and pray that we all will grow in our relationship with Christ.

I would love to be able to meet with each of you and talk about what we are learning, but since my season of life doesn't have a lot of extra time right now I will utilizes the Internet.  I do not have a plan on how fast I will go through each part or how often I will post.  So just keep checking back and keep reading.  I really want you to share what you learn so I can learn from you so leave a comment.  If you receive an email of each of my post please go to my blog and leave a comment so that others can read them as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Things that have made me SMILE today:

1. Jeffrey's excitement about chocolate chip pancakes
2. Volunteering at school and seeing Jackson (Today is the 100th day of kinder)
3. Left over fajitas for lunch (Thanks Josh for grilling the yummy meat)
4. Flip flops in Feb.
5. House cleaned (Mon) laundry done (Tues) which means I sat and had hot tea and read this morning after getting the boys off to school.
6. God's Word--I have been reading the Psalms of Ascent (Ps. 120-134) love how they tell a story of so many years ago and still speak to me right now.