Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I attended to post this before Lent began, but life has a way of changing our plans. 

This year I wanted to include the boys (6yrs & 4yrs.) more in our observance of Lent.  I searched other blogs and liked what another mom is doing with her young children. 

Each day of Lent we are praying, fasting, and giving.  I made a spreadsheet of all the days of Lent and what we do each day.  Each day we pray for something or someone different.  For example on Sunday we prayed for parents, Monday grandparents, Tuesday aunts and uncles, etc.  Since fasting from one thing would be difficult for young children the boys are fasting from something different each day.  For example on Sunday no radio or Cd's, Monday a favorite toy, Tuesday complaining, etc.  Then for our giving we have an old jelly jar that we put coins in each day.  The number of coins is determined by a item count.  For example on Sunday the boys counted how many doors are in the house, Monday was windows, Tuesday was chairs, etc. 

This has been a great way to talk about what Lent is and why we observe it before Easter.  When Jeffrey wanted to play with his red playground ball on Monday we were able to talk about scarifies and all Jesus has done for us. 

I would love to know what you and your family do during the Lent Season.

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