Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Years

Tomorrow, May 7th is the third anniversary of our daughter Jamie's birth/death.  I have been struggling with this up coming anniversary for weeks.  I have been very sad and emotional.  Mother's day being so close doesn't help either because three years ago I was in the hospital still w/out a new baby to hold. 
I have been praying, "help me Lord."  Not knowing what to actually pray for all I could say was help. 
Today my prayer was answered!  A new friend from BSF whom I am just getting to know also has an anniversary tomorrow.  May 7th is her 5th anniversary of being cancer free.  The immediate relief of sadness I felt as she spoke this today was amazing.  Only God can do that!  Now May 7th is not just a day of sadness for me, but a day of happiness, thanksgiving and hope.  God is our great healer and He healed Jamie completely by taking her to Himself and He healed my new friend of cancer!  What a great God we have!
note: if you are a new reader go back three years to read the full story.
note #2:  BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) is an amazing!  This is the last week for the welcome class until Sept.  So if you are at all interested in studying the book of Matthew next fall go to and find a locate group to join.

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