Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spider Webs

After biking with the kiddos to school this morning I biked around the neighborhood and a park.  At the park there is a gravel path that is wooded.  This morning it was cool, sunny and quiet on the path--just perfect!  The sunlight was shining through the trees just so that I could see many spider webs across the path.  It was beautiful!  I had to ride with my hand in front of my face, which turned my workout into a leisure ride.  After a bit I did not see anymore webs and I put my hand down.  To my surprise I got webs in the face--yuck!  The light had changed and the webs were there, but I couldn't see them.  So I continued riding with my hand up just in case.  These spider webs were very pretty to look at, but no fun to ride through.   This makes me think of life.  There are many "webs" in our lives that are just no fun to go through, but when we slow down and let Jesus shine on them it is beautiful!

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  1. What a great analogy! You are so insightful.

    Love you,