Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Make a Deal

Yesterday I took the boys to have photos made. Jackson was not happy about going. He made it clear that he was not wearing what I wanted him to wear and he would go, but would not take a picture. Thus we made a deal. If he wore the clothes I choose and was well behaved while taking pictures there would be a surprise afterwards. Jackson said, "O, I will do it for a surprise." That situation yesterday made me think do I make deals with God? We want our children to do what we say without any questions or surprises afterwards, but we or at least I don't live up to that standard. God ask us to worship with a body of believers. We say I will if I get something out of it or if the people are just like me. God ask us to give of our time and money. We say OK if there is any leftover. God ask us to read His Word. We say sure if I finish this novel first. God ask us to put Him first in our lives. We say no problem if you will bless me with what I want. God asks us to praise Him. We do if we also get some praise as well.

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