Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ER trip

Daddy's first day home today began with a trip to the ER.  This morning Mom found Daddy's pick line (IV) on the floor next to the bed.  It  must have come out during the night.  So she called the home health nurse and was told to take Daddy to the ER.  At the hospital a doctor placed a new pick line.  This took must of the day and they got home around 4:30pm.  The home health nurse then came to show Mom how to give Daddy his IV meds.  He will be on these meds till Monday and Mom will have to give them to him every 8 hours.  Mom then went to get Daddy's glasses fixed, because they were broken yesterday before they left the hospital.  Luckily, they were fixed fast.  When I spoke to Mom around 8pm they were just getting to eat dinner.  Pray for an uneventful Thursday for them.  Liz went and visited today and the boys and I will visit tomorrow.  The boys are so excited and ready to go.  We never did get to see Daddy yesterday since he was not released from the hospital till 7:30ish and that was to late on a school night for us to go visit.  Also, pray that the boys stay some what quiet and calm tomorrow during our visit.  I think they think since Granddad his home he is 100% better.  He is not there yet, but he will be it will just take time.

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