Wednesday, June 29, 2011


First, I would like to say READ your BIBLE!  This morning I read the first two chapters of 2 Kings--interesting and a little strange, but an example of God's power.  I love that every time I open God's Word it is like reading a book for the first time.

Second, have you noticed signs for yoga lately.  I see them everywhere.  One I saw on Saturday read "where is your peace?  Tip: look inside yourself."  Totally wrong!  Peace comes from the Prince of Peace!!!  One can only find peace through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Now to what I really want to share today.  This morning after dropping the boys off at preschool camp (side note: you may wonder after by blog a few days ago if the boys are involved in any summer activities.  They have taken swim lessons, attended VBS and are currently at preschool day camp at church.  I am not against any activity I just think we all need to slow down some and enjoy life.) I heard on KSBJ a question the morning show is asking listens.  How effective is an apology?  There was talk about how an apology is more meaningful to the one saying it than the one receiving it.  One person said apologies used to mean more than they do now.  It was also said "I'm sorry" is powerful for a relationship.  I agree with these statements, but also think it is important to ask for forgiveness.  I have taught the boys that I'm sorry is to be used when an accident happens and you ask for forgiveness when you choose to do something wrong.  For example if Jeffrey is not watching were he is going and runs into Jackson he says I'm sorry.  If Jeffrey chooses to throw a toy truck at Jackson he will ask Jackson to forgive him for throwing a truck and hurting him.  Asking for forgiveness is hard to do, but if you stop and think about what took place and then ask for forgiveness you are less likely to do the offense again.  Practicing this also reminds me that I am forgiven through the blood of Christ and thus should also offer forgiveness to others.  Praise God for His forgiveness!!!!

I hope this all makes sense--I don't sleep much last night so don't look to closely at the grammar and sentence structure.

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