Monday, August 8, 2011

Get Your Finger Out of Your Nose!

We go through ALOT of tissues in our house.  We all have seasonal allergies that seem to be year round.  And until last Dec when Jackson had his tonsils out he was sick more often than not.  Several weeks ago Jeffrey asked how do you make tissues?  I said I did not know, but we could find a book at the library.  Jeffrey said you need to look up a recipe so we can make them.  I told him we couldn't make tissues, but handkerchiefs were also used to blow your nose and we could make some.  A week goes by and one night I can not sleep.  So I get up and decide to make some hankies.  I found an old piece of cotton fabric and get started.  But after the sewing machine woke Jackson up at 1am I had to stop for the night.  Below is a picture of the first handkerchiefs I made.
These did not turn out as well as I expected.  Although the fabric is cotton and soft to the touch it is not soft to one's nose.  I looked online for some advice.  I found several other moms that had used flannel.  Great, I just happened to have an old flannel sheet set not being used.  My second set of hankies were much softer and very absorbent. 

Not only are we helping out the environment, but Jeffrey thinks it fun to wipe his buggers on the new hankies.  This makes me very happy as Jeffrey always has his finger in his nose.

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