Monday, August 8, 2011

Bye Bye Hair

This past Saturday I had my hair cut short.  The shortest I have ever had it cut.  Months ago I decided I wanted to grow out my hair to donate.  I did this once before in college.  What got me thinking about this again was the fact that I do not donated money to cancer research because they do embryonic stem cell research, which I do not believe in.  I wanted to do something to help those who suffer from cancer and thought of hair.  I found that there are two place to donate hair: (must have 10 inches of hair) and (must have 8 inches of hair).  I choose pantene because I had just enough to make 8 inches and not go any shorter.  When I donated in college I cut off more than a foot and choose locks of love.  I forgot to have a before picture taken so the first photo is from earlier in the year.  The second photo is my new hair style. 

1 comment:

  1. Great donation! And your hair looks really great short as well :). Also, loved the dad always had (& still does) one in his back pocket. In fact, I learned to iron by ironing those handkerchiefs :)...a good memory!