Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shower Cleaner

As, many of you know I have been using homemade cleaners for some time now.  The only non homemade cleaner I use is Scrubbing bubbles for our shower (tile and glass).  However, I still wasn't happy with the shower.  I have tried different products and none get the hard water and soap scrum off the glass.  Today, I cleaned house.  Side note the boys helped a lot, which was so nice:)  For the shower I used a 1:1 ratio of Dawn and white vinegar in a spray bottle.  Just spray it on let sit for a few minutes ( I cleaned the sinks as I waited), wipe with a wet cloth, sponge, etc. and rinse with water.  It is amazing how good the glass looks!  Now this is not really homemade or all natural, but I feel better about it than a chemical cleaner and it worked so well. 

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