Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spiritual Warfare

Do you believe in spiritual warfare?  Many people struggle with the concept of angels and demons in the unseen realm.  I believe and have felt the present or affect of angels and demons at different point in my life.  This past Monday is one such time.  The boys were at school and Josh was at work.  I had cleaned the house and then set down to check email and blog.  I got my email checked and then began to blog.  I felt a little lite headed, but kept blogging.  I then stopped to go to the bathroom.  TMI coming up:)  As I was on the toilet I felt very lite headed and thought I might pass out.  So I stayed seated to let this feeling pass.  I then woke up on the floor (pants still down--weird feeling).  I was able to get to the phone and call Josh and he came home to take care of me.  When I fell I hit the step stool we have for Jeffrey.  I have a scratched, swollen,  and busied eye.  Don't worry--I am fine and have a doctor's appointment.  Why is this spiritual warfare?  I was blogging about the movie October Baby and Satan does not want people to see it.  But you must see it.  It is a movie about the sanctity of life.  It gets the point across with entertainment and without be judgemental to those who may not have chosen life.  So is there a medical reason I passed out?  Must likely, but Satan can use our health to try and stop the spread of Truth.  Don't let Satan stop you today.  Fight against him with truth from God's Word.  Pray and ask God to protect you physically and mentally from Satan's attacks.  My God is Mighty and if I ask Him He will give me the strength to overcome Satan's attacks.

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