Friday, May 4, 2012

Lost Donkeys

This week I have been reading in 1 Samuel.  If you start in chapter 9 you can read about how Saul became King of Israel.  Saul's father, Kish, sent him to look for two lost donkeys and he came back a king.  Of course there is more to the story it is pretty interesting you should check it out.  It made me ask the Lord, "what do You want me to become?"  My heavenly father has placed me here at this time to be a wife, mom, friend, teacher, etc.  What will I be when the task is complete?  The donkeys Saul went looking for were found and that could have been it, but Saul allowed the experiences his journey offered to change him.  One day when my tasks here are done I hope to be more than I am today.  When I stand before the throne of God I want Him to see a reflection of His Son.  

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