Monday, September 24, 2012


Jackson, our 7 yr. old, will be baptised at the end of October.  This past summer as we were driving to VBS one morning (June 15th) and the boys and I were singing along to a kid's Bible CD.  The song was about being, happy, loved and saved.  As we sang S-A-V-E-D Jeffrey asked what does that spell.  I said saved and Jackson said o yeah I am.  I said, really?  Jackson said yeah I prayed last night in bed and ask Jesus to live in my heart.  I began to ask him questions and then realized I was going the wrong way.  I then decide to wait to talk with Jackson till we got to church.  At church Jackson and I talked about what it means to be a Christian and to be saved.  I made sure Jackson understood that Jesus was God's Son who came to earth, had no sin (bad things) and died on the cross to pay for our bad things. And that by asking Jesus to live in his heart he was telling Jesus that he would follow God's Word, the Bible.  None of this was new to Jackson, because we talk about it all the time at home.  He said, why do we have to talk that's why I didn't want to tell you.  Oops, I was talking way to much for a 6 yr. old and a male, ha ha:)  We prayed together and then he went on to his class.  I told several other adults at church that day.  They each said something to Jackson that day during VBS.  When we got home he was not happy I told everyone.  He did tell Josh that evening, but he didn't want me to say anything to anyone else.  So, I haven't till now.  A couple of weeks ago Jackson and I were driving in the van once again, he likes to talk in the van, and he said he wanted to be baptised.  So we talked about what baptism is and why we do it.  God commands us to be baptised as a way to show others what we believe, but baptism doesn't save us.  Our faith and belief in Jesus does.  He is now ready to let everyone know what he believes and I also think he is maturing and getting more comfortable with attention and talking to adults. 
What do you believe?  Do you have faith in God?  Not sure, why don't you read God's Word.  Start in the book of John, the 4th book of the new testament.  You will learn a lot about Jesus and how he wants to have a relationship with you. 

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