Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Talk

I attended a baby shower this afternoon for a neighbor who is having a little girl. It went very well. I was not sure how I would handle being around a lot of baby talk and seeing the cute clothes. There was a moment were I had to take a deep breath and make myself relax, but overall I had a great time. The cupcakes were wonderful!
The boys talk a lot about Jamie and having another baby we can keep. It is getting easier to hear and I actually enjoy hearing them talk about Jamie now. It helps me to remember that her short time here on earth served a purpose. We took the boys to Galveston earlier this week. I was out in the water with Jeffrey jumping in the waves and said something about God making the waves for us to play in and we should thank Him. Jeffrey said we need to be in heaven. I asked why and he said to tell God. I explained that prayer is talking to God even though we can't see Him. Jeffrey said maybe our baby will tell Him. A couple of weeks ago I would have been in tears, but I just smiled and said maybe she will.

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