Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Birthday, Sept. 13

The morning began late.  My alarm didn't go off!  But I didn't let that get me down 15 minutes. late is not bad and I needed the sleep.  As I am dressing I can hear Jackson and Josh looking for something through out the house.  I think, "they are trying to find the bday sign and they can't remember where it is and they have been told."  In a few minutes Jackson comes and  ask where is the sign?  They get it hang, Jeffrey wakes up and Josh is off to work. The boys and I begin our morning routine.  As I am trying to get a load of laundry going Jackson has a huge fit about something small.  The situation escalates and Jackson gets two stickers taken away, which is a big deal for Jackson.  The morning is a little crazy, but my mother in law calls to say happy bday and tells me a story about uncle John going to school in PJ's after a slow morning.  I laugh and remember to enjoy the time I have with the boys.  Once Jackson is on the bus Jeffrey and I decide to walk to a neighborhood park--a little exercise for me and some outdoor playtime for Jeffrey before it reaches 100 degrees.  Not such a fun outing when yellow jacks have built a nest on the playground equipment.  We head back home.  As we are walking home I decide I have time to do a workout video when we get home.  Didn't happen.  Jeffrey and I are stopped by a neighbor and we talk for about 30mins.  Now, I love interruption of my day that allow me to catch up with a friend or neighbor.  Because isn't that what life is about --relationships?  Quick shower, change out the laundry and head to HEB.  Jeffrey has fun driving the car shopping cart and I find everything on my list--successful trip. Head back home to unload the groceries.  Shortly after Grammie arrives to take us out for a bday lunch.  We enjoy a nice lunch at Alica's--yummy!  Back at the house I quickly finish up the laundry as Josh showers and changes.  Josh and I are going to a memorial service.  Not exactly what one plans to do on their bday.  But it was such a moving and well done service honoring a wonderful lady that I am glad we went.  At the service a past coworker of Lin's said, "Lin always shared stories of her family so that other would know that life isn't perfect, but family loves and forgives one another.  And I guess that is one reason I share.  My bday was just an ordinary day of grocery shopping, laundry, kids, etc nothing super special yet it was perfect for me and maybe it can show someone that joy doesn't come in perfect days, but from our Lord Jesus Christ. 

In our family the bday girl or boy gets to pick a restaurant for dinner.  Josh and Jackson on their last bdays choose Spring Creek BBQ and Jeffrey choose CiCi's pizza.  I choose to stay home and make my own dinner.  I will share the recipes at a later time. 

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  1. I love hearing about your day :). Thanks for sharing!!!