Monday, November 14, 2011

Mission Field

This morning as I drove home after dropping off Jeffrey and our carpool friend at preschool I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of the mission trip I took to Romania in March of 2010.  I began to think about the trip and how I would love to go on more.  I was sad because it doesn't seem like another mission trip will happen for me anytime soon.  I said to myself stop thinking about what could be and just focus on today.  So I mentally make my list of things to get done today.  Then as I sat at a stop light it hit me.  I am in my mission field.  My mini van is a mission field.  Because, I drive a van and have room for many I am usually the mom to drive and there are more kids than my own with me.  And this will only increase as the boys get older and more involved in activities.  We have several rules in the van and one is no batteries allowed.  Which means no video games, movies, etc.  This forces us to talk and fight with each other.  If I am intentional I can share Jesus each and every time we are in the van--friends or no friends.  What I choose to play on the radio can make a difference as well.  I still have a desire to help those far away, but I must remember that God has given me a huge mission in raising God boys and influencing those I am around daily.

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