Friday, August 10, 2012


As you know I was in the hospital at the end of May.  At that time I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  That being, when I was release I immediately began researching colitis.  I read a lot online (there are some crazy people out there with GI issues) and purchased a recommended book to read as well.  The first week of July I had a colonoscopy.  Before I left the nurse told me that nothing was seen that needed to be biopsied and to follow up with Dr. A in four weeks.  So on Monday I had my follow up visit.  Dr. A told me that I do not have ulcerative colitis!  That's great, but I still am having problems so now what?  We discussed what was going on with my body and he decide to test me for Celiac disease, which means my body does not response well to gluten.  I am still awaiting those results, but have already began researching Celiac disease and changing my diet.  My next appointment is the first of September.  What is so frustrating is the month wait in between every appointment.  Hospital stay and research, 4 weeks later colonoscopy more research and change diet, 4 weeks later Dr. visit new research change diet again, and in 4 weeks I will see Dr. A again.  I am ready for a correct diagnoses!

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