Wednesday, February 27, 2013

God's Protection

A lady in my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class shared with us this morning about God's protection.  She is a widow (her husband passed away a year ago today) and works at a Dollar Store.  Recently her 18 year old neighbor came over to help her unload some heavy sacks of feed.  They talked about how all of the Dollar Stores in this region have been robbed expect her store.  He asked why she thought that was.  And her amazing answer and show of true faith was, "because the wings of an angle cover/surround the store!"  Each day before she goes to work she prays for herself and her fellow workers and God has protected them because of her faith and prayers.  Her story brought tears to my eyes.  Just this morning I prayed with the boys and said amen and then "o wait,  God protect Jackson, Jeffrey, Daddy and Mommy as we are at school and work today,"  It was an after thought with little heart behind it.  I want to be more like my friend who passionately prays with great belief.  I believe God's armies protect us each and every day from unseen spiritual and physical focus.  But I don't pray like I believe it and thus miss out on blesses. 

Lord, give us the faith to pray in belief!  Amen.

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