Thursday, May 8, 2014

4th anniversary

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Jamie's stillbirth.  It was a very hard day that kind of took me by surprise.  I had planned for Mother's Day ( I don't really like mother's day), but not for yesterday.  Today has not been much better, but that's ok.

Over the last few weeks studying Jesus’s death and resurrection (at BSF and Church) I have come to a deeper understanding and realization of God as my Comforter.   As, Jesus was hang on the cross with the weight of my sin on Him God could not look at Him or help His son.  God had to let the plan unfold.  The God of the universe knows my pain and sorrow like no one else!  Not only does He know my pain and sorrow, but by His power Jesus was raised from the death so I will one day see Jamie healed completely just like I prayed for four years ago and until then God is my Comforter!

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