Monday, May 12, 2014

Muddy Shoes

Yesterday, for Mother's Day we went on a picnic at Washington on the Brazos.  The weather was perfect--sunny with a nice breeze!  While there we walked the trail that leads you to an overlook of the Brazos river and along a path that was I'm sure very pretty just a few weeks ago with Texas wildflowers.  Yesterday, however it was just muddy!  At a particular muddy area I was in the lead (1st mistake) and then followed someone else's footprints (second mistake).  I ended up ankle deep in mud!  Luckily no one else followed me.  Josh helped me out of the mud and then lead us over this muddy area on firmer mud.  It was pretty funny :)  As, we walked on I realized what a great lesson this could make for the boys.  So, I explained to the boys that just because someone else had gone through the muddy area a certain way didn't mean it was the best way to go.  And in life we shouldn't just follow anyone, but make sure we are following the right person.  I then asked who should you follow?  Jackson said, Jesus.  And he is right Jesus is the only sure way to get through the mud of life and to eternal life with God.

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  1. I am glad you guys had a good time! That was a good lessons for Jackson and Jeffrey. :)