Thursday, July 21, 2011


Recently gifts have been on my mind a lot.  We have had attended several birthday parties and the boys' birthdays are coming up soon.  My thoughts have been: how can we give gifts that are good for the environment, what items will truly be a treasure to the child and not just thrown in the toy box to be donated next spring cleaning, can a gift not come in a package, and what about giving one's old stuff or buying at a resale shop?  I read about one family that doesn't buy new items for themselves or others if possible--for environmental reasons.  I don't know if I could buy a gift from a resale shop for just anyone--close friends and some family won't mind.  I also don't want others to think I am cheap.  If you know me well you are most likely laughing now, because I am cheap, ha ha ha ha!  I guess the bottom line is about your motive and heart.  Tomorrow the boys and I are taking a friend of theirs to the children's museum for his birthday gift.  This came about one day when I asked Jackson what kind of gift he would like to buy for his friend.  He did not have any ideals and all my suggestions were things that the friend already had.  Isn't that the case with most of our children.  Thus we came up with the ideal of an outing.  The boys first said the zoo, but that is just to hot for summer.  I am excited about this birthday gift outing.  It will make memories that last a lot longer than a colorful noisy plastic toy.  Note: if you are every thinking of giving Josh, me or the boys a gift we would be just fine with gently used items.  It would be great for the environment and the boys think it is fun that some one else played with the toy first and that when they are done they get to donated it to other kids.

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