Monday, May 2, 2011

In the beginning. . .

Currently, I am attending a Bible study called Twisting the Truth by Andy Stanley.  Each week we are learning how Satan twist the truth to deceive us.  This past week's study especially hit home for me.  The key passage is found in Romans 8:18-28.  Paul is writing to the Christans in Rome about their current sufferings, but it speaks to us today as well.  Satan wants us to question why we struggle with sin, get sick, children disobey, ect.  He wants us to blame ourselves--"if I had only done ____", this problem wouldn't have happened.  Yes, we do make choices and there are consequences.  However, for those of us that our Christians we have hope.  Jesus Christ is our hope!  When sin enter the world in the beginning God judged the world and all that was in it including us.  We were born into a broken world of sin, decay and death.  But we have hope in Christ because He overcame death and we have been given the Holy Spirit to guide us through this present life of sin.  The Holy Spirit is also our guarantee of eternal life.  One year later I still find myself saying "why God?"  "why did Jamie have to die couldn't have you been glorified if she had lived?"  God's answer is "Jamie died because you live in a broken world, yes I could have been glorified if she had lived, but remember My plan is greater than yours and I work in all things even death." 

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