Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am in the need of some laughter, joy and happiness.  There has been to many tears, saddness and plain on bad moods around here lately.  Thus I decided we are having a good day today.  So far so good.  This morning I read Psalm 71:8 which talks about praising and glorifing God all day.  What a great way to have joy.

Josh had to go into work this morning so the boys and I had whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  This is a new recipe and it was great.  Last night I could not sleep so I was reading blogs online.  Crystal from posted this recipe recently.  She got it from another blog and changed it up alittle bit and what do you know so did I.  It is hard for me to follow a recipe to the T.  When I have a little more time I will post the recipe.  After breakfast and getting ready for the day and beds make and such the boys and I did some painting.  We painted boats, rainbows, christmas trees, candy canes and some free style.  It was fun.  Josh then got home and had to have a little snack of pancakes--he loved them!  Now Daddy and the boys are having some time together playing checkers.  It has been a good morning.  Can't wait to see what the afternoon holds for us.

Enjoy your family today and praise God for something.

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  1. I hope your afternoon was as good as your morning sounded. I Thank God for you, Josh, Jackson and Jeffrey. I have not thanked you enough for all your and Josh's help, support and prayers during my stay in the hospital. I only recently read all your blogs. Thanks for recording things so I would better understand what we all went through.
    Hope to see you soon.