Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bedtime Prayers

Well, this is a first--two post in one day. I had someone email me and ask what the Nazarite vow was. I am sure their are others also wondering the same thing. You can read about the Nazarite vow in Numbers 6:1-21. Basically, a man or woman chooses to take a vow of separation to consecrate himself to the Lord. This could be a vow for a limited time or for life. They were not allowed to drink or eat from fruit of the vine (grapes, wine, ect.). They did not cut their hair, which was an outward sign of the consecration. And they could not touch a dead body even if a family member died. It was a time of dedicating oneself to the Lord.
After putting Jeffrey to bed this evening I went to Jackson's room to say bedtime prayers. He wanted me to pray tonight. Sometimes he prayer, sometimes we say the Lord's prayer together and sometimes I pray. So, I prayed opened my eyes and Jackson looked at me and said what about the baby and then he began to cry. Trying very hard not to lose it I asked if he wanted me to pray for baby Myra ( we visited a friend today that just had a baby). He said yes and so I did pray. I then asked Jackson why are you crying? He said, I'm not crying as he wiped his tears on his pillow. We talked for some time and both agreed that is was sad that our friend got to have a baby girl and we don't. I asked him if he want to pray for a baby girl and he said tomorrow night. I had to laugh. I then thought we need to talk about that God doesn't always give you want you want and that He knows what is best. I tried, but Jackson was not open to hear anything about that tonight. It was such a sweet time just laying in bed with Jackson and knowing that both our hearts were hurting for Jamie. Jackson has such a big heart and loves very deeply. Sometimes I wish he was younger like Jeffrey and thus would not remember and be effect as much. But then I know that this hard time in his young life will make him a stronger man one day and will give him character and a story to tell.

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