Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Sacrifical Vow

I am currently attending a Bible study at church called Walking with God. For the next two weeks we are in spiritual boot camp. During these two weeks we are to enter into a vow of separation to God. The vow will be to abstain from something that brings you "natural joy." As I was reading about men and women of the Bible taking the Nazarite vow I knew in my heart what God was asking me to abstain from and I cried. However, it is now day two for me and I am doing good. Although, I have found myself turning to other things instead of focusing on God when I feel the desire to do what I am abstaining from. Last night Josh said, "you are giving up a good habit and replacing it with a bad one." We laughed, but that is exactly what I did last night. So, today when I feel the desire I am going to choose to pray instead of fulling that time with something else. Pray that I can do this for two weeks.
On another note. For several weeks I have been thinking about changing up my blog. I am going to come up with a new name, background, photos, ect. At first I felt bad, but after talking with a friend I see that I am not forgetting Jamie, but just moving on in life. My friend said, it is a good sign that I have got to this point. So keep a look out for my new design.

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