Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hanging Out

When I called this morning and talked with the nurse she said they would just be hanging out today.  Daddy did well through the night.  He slept a lot and had some confusion, but that is normal and expected after what he has been through.  He sat up in a chair for about three hours this morning.  He is eating, but doesn't like the food.  Dinner today was chicken, mixed veggies and mac n cheese.  He said it looked good, but did not taste good.  Mostly today Daddy has slept.  Tomorrow they will do the doppler test again.  It is like an ultrasound.  They will be looking at his arties and seeing if there are any spasms.  Depending on what they find on the doppler test will determine if another angiogram is needed. 

I did not go to the hospital today at all.  I hadn't really seen my boys in two days so me and the boys spent the day together.  It was a hard day.  I wanted to go see Daddy, but also wanted to be with the boys.  I am sure the next couple of weeks are going to feel a lot like today.  Jackson will be having his tonsils and adenoids removed tomorrow at 9:15am--please pray all goes well.  Thus I will not be able to see Daddy tomorrow, but Saturday Josh will be home so I will get to go-yeah.

I am so thankful that I can blog about Daddy's recovery.  We have truly witnessed a miracle.  Thank you for your prayers and please keep saying them.  Jackson prayed today at lunch, "Dear Jesus thank for mommy, daddy, Jeffrey, Jackson and Spaze.  Thank you for the food.  Thank you for Granddad feel better. Amen."  I am pretty sure Jackson meant to say please help Granddad feel better, but what he said was great.  We should be thankful and positive as we pray.

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