Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Howdy my dear blog readers.  It has been some time I know.  I do hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving--ours was great.  I got sick but enjoyed myself anyway. 

News.  How do you determine if news is good or bad?  If the news makes you happy is it good?  Or if it makes you sad is it bad?  Yesterday, as I was reading the 3rd and 4th grader Sunday school lesson these questions came to mind (if you didn't know I teach Sunday school).  Mary and Joseph were both visited my an angel and told that Mary would give birth to Jesus.  You can read these stories in Luke chapter one and Matthew chapter one.  The teacher book lays this lesson out that Mary and Joseph received good news from their angelic visits.  The kiddos are going to make paper megaphones and shout good news that should be fun, ha ha ha.  I don't think this was good news for Mary and Joseph.  They had to be scared and asking a lot of questions.  Mary could have been stoned and Joseph had to make a big choice to stay with Mary.  Thousands of years later we read the story and are excited because we know this baby is Christ our Lord, but Mary and Joseph could not of understood all that their first child would be.  So what does this mean for you and me?  When we get news that is bad and we all do at sometime remember Mary and Joseph and how their scary news brought salvation to you and me.  My "bad" news is not going to save the world, but it could help someone someday somewhere--I hope. 

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