Thursday, December 30, 2010

New room

Daddy was moved to the intermediate ICU on the 5th floor last night.  Mom said he was so happy and in a great mood.  Daddy said he hated it up in the other room and didn't like the nurses.  Mom told him they were so of the best nurse he has ever had and they were only trying to help him get better.  Daddy said he still didn't like them.

Grandaddy (Daddy's father) and Diane (sister) came to visit this morning.  They were able to take Daddy outside in a wheelchair and got him a coke in the cafe.  They also has some fun.  Daddy laid flat on his back in bed well Granddaddy drop grapes into his mouth and Diane took pictures (if I can get the pic I will post them).  I sure am glad Daddy was able to play with his sister today. 

This afternoon a pick was placed in Daddy.  It is an IV that goes straight into an artery.  Daddy needs this because the medicine he is being given for the meningitis is so strong it would eat away his veins if given through a regular IV.  Another lumbar puncture was done today as well.  Mom thinks they will be doing one daily for a while.  A new doctor came by today to review all the medication Daddy is on in preparation for surgery.  So we are concluding from this that Daddy will be having a shunt place in his head to drain the CSF, however Mom has not be told that from Daddy's doctor.

Please keep praying.

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