Monday, December 20, 2010


Saturday was almost like any other Saturday just in a different location.  Daddy and Granddaddy watched football and Mom, Liz and I talked with Daddy and Granddaddy adding to the conversation every now and then.  On Sunday Daddy took a little walk down the hall.  He did well and only needed a little help on the way back.  He was pretty tired afterwards.   

I got to the hospital around 10am this morning and physical therapy had already come and had Daddy walk again.  He made it all the way around the ICU floor.  He was very tired and slept for over an hour after the walk.  Occupational therapy then came and had Daddy put on a sock, sit in a chair and answer questions (date, address, phone # and things about his science classes).  Lunch was not brought until 1pm and Daddy was ready to eat (at school his lunch time is 10:30am), but he just had a few bits.  We had some other visitors and he was pretty tired by the time I left and was going to nap. 

A Doppler test is suppose to be done today, but I have not heard from the nurse yet--I will have to call.  The Doppler test is like a sonogram for the head.  They will look for any spasms in his arties. 

Overall I think Daddy is doing well.  He still has a long way to go, but I believe he will get there.  So keep prayer that he improves quickly--it is hard for Daddy to just be laying around in bed.

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