Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Daddy's nurse was able to pull up his lumbar results on the computer and his pressure was around 24%.  The doctors usually want it to be 20% or lower.  Mom was not able to speak to the doctor today hopefully he will come by tomorrow and they will talk about putting in a permanent shunt.  This is still undecided.  I don't know much about the shunt, but basically it would drain fluid from the brain into the stomach.

On KSBJ (I love KSBJ check it out @ ksbj.com) today I listened to a song about a husband/father asking God to lead him to be strong for his wife and kids.  It made me think that we all need God's help when it comes to family and friends.  Please pray for our family and that we will let God lead us to help Daddy through this time and to have the wisdom to plan for the future correctly. 

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