Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lumbar Puncture

Yesterday Daddy had a CT scan and everything looked fine.  His drain has been out for 48 hours now and thus far he is doing well.  This morning the doctors will be preforming a lumbar puncture on Daddy.  The lumbar puncture will check his fluid levels (CSF).  Please pray that the levels are good so a permanent shunt is not needed.  Also, pray for Daddy's pain this puncture will not feel good.  I don't know when they will start or how long it takes, but I will give y'all an update as soon as I get the results.  Mom is at the hospital today and me and the boys are headed this morning to Mom and Daddy's house to wait for the repair man.  Their fridge went out:(  Please pray for my Mom as she has to deal with all these other daily issues that are not wanted at a time like this. 

On another note, pray for every mom that is at home with her kids over this holiday break--it is tough entertaining the kids when they are used to so much activity at school and seeing their friends.  We have had a rough morning:(

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