Monday, May 17, 2010

Little voices

Earlier this evening Jackson, Jeffrey and I were in Jackson's room together. Jackson randomly says, "there's no baby in your tummy." Which was a perfect opening to talk about the funeral tomorrow. I explained what a funeral was and what would happen tomorrow. I told the boys that they would get to see the coffin and then go play while the mommies and daddies listened to Pastor Ed talk. Jackson said, "good I don't want to hear him talk." I had to laugh:) We moved on to other things and a few minutes later Josh comes back and I told him that we had talked about the funeral. Jeffrey then said with a big smile and excited voice, "baby Jamie live Jesus." Jeffrey has been the biggest comfort to me and others these past ten days. He is happy, cute and full of life and I believe truly knows how wonderful it is that Jamie is with Jesus.


  1. it was a beautiful service to commemorate her all too short time here on earth. we will always remember your baby girl.
    much love and peace to you and your family.
    xxx jenni shanks

  2. Isn't it great to see life throught the eyes of a child?

    Praying you can see things with child like eyes