Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swim suits

I did a little swim suit shopping earlier today--uh:( This summer I was suppose to wear my maternity swim suit, which is cute and covers all of me. Since, I won't be wearing that one I figured I should just get it over with and shop for a new suit. Have you looked at the suits lately? They don't cover much. At two different stores I picked up one of each whole piece and went to the dressing room. Each of these suits either covered my bottom half well or my top, but not both. I decided on a dress instead of a swim suit:) As I drove home I had a thought. We pull God around with us in our busy lifes wanting Him to cover everything. Just like I pulled on the swim suits to cover everything. The swim suit didn't work and it doesn't seem to be working with God either. He doesn't want us to pull Him. He wants to lead us. Only then can everything in one's life be covered with His presence and peace.

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  1. i think about you, the boys, josh & jamie everday. I wish i lived closer so i could help out with the boys. i love you all so much and i pray that god heals all your pain suzanne i look up to you alot, always have, always will. please keep blogging so i can keep up with you! give the boys a kiss for me.

    katie henry