Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ENT Visit

Today I went and saw an ENT for my nose bleeds. And guess what. We get to just wait and see. So much waiting lately. I did really like this doctor. He was friendly, funny and straight to the point. I have a pyogenic granuloma (it could be spelled wrong), which is a beign tumor caused by hormones. These little tumors like to bleed thus the nose bleeds. One can get them in their nose or mouth during pregnancy. He said he could remove it, but it would most likely grow back. I feel like these nose bleeds are bad, but when I described them to the doc he said it wasn't really that bad. So basically they could get worse. We pray it goes away, which is also highly likely. And then I would go back in the fall when all my hormones are back to "normal" and get checked out. He said they are really common and I should not worry about it at all.

Please add baby Logan to your pray list. Baby Logan is in the NC ICU in Humble and not doing well. Baby Logan was born six weeks early on Tuesday. This is a old high school friend of my Mom's cousin's baby. The mom's name is Kim--she needs are prayers as well.

Much love,

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