Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never thought I would have a blog. And I really never thought I would write my thoughts for everyone to read, but it is a nice way to get things out. And just maybe someone will read something that encourages them or someone maybe able to encourage me.

As I was putting Jeffrey to bed (yes, both boys are in be) I read a Bible verse framed on his wall from Isaiah. It talks about how one will be in perfect peace when one keeps their mind on Jesus. How true that verse is for us all. Earlier today Jackson I and were playing with the resurrection eggs that tell the Easter story. We talked about the really bad day Jesus had--friends left him, he was beaten, made fun of and nailed to a cross. Jackson said "when we are in heaven they can't get us." Jackson was saying that the "bad" men could not hurt us. What an encouraging thought from a four year old. In heaven there will be no pain, hurt or sorrow. During those moments I was focused on Jesus and I really did have peace.

Happy Easter to all, He is Risen!

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