Saturday, April 17, 2010

We're having a little girl!!!

We're having a little girl! Jamie will be born! I will hold her! My attitude has changed. I'm no longer thinking if, but when Jamie arrives.

On Friday I meet with a new friend. Her little girl has TS and had hydrops in the womb. Talking with a mom that has gone through exactly what we are going through was so helpful. And to see and play with this little girl who doctors said would not make it was amazing. Earlier this week I read about how God provides. This is something I have read many times and know, but it became real to me on Friday morning. This new friendship is just what I need and God provided that for me.

Today Liz, my sister, and I did a little shopping. While in JcPenny's I saw the newborn girl clothes and walked over. I thought it would be upsetting and sad, but it was great. It felt so good and right to pick out a few things for Jamie. She is going to look so cute wearing her little sister onesie.

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  1. She will look adorable in her little sister outfit!!! (and a bow in her hair- If I have anything to do about it!)